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Monday was a good day this week, the rest of it was "normal."

LeeAnn came in 7 minutes late - bus was caught in traffic.

AJ called us together for our normal Monday morning meeting, and said he'd decided over the weekend to implement a "tidy desk" policy, and everything must be off the desk before we go home.
The others can clear a desk drawer to put their things in, but I've got the table that used to be in the break room until they got a new one. So I went down to Packing and got a card box - I'll just stack everything in it on the floor underneath.
Amy hyperventilated for about three minutes when she was told it meant her too, but she should surely be able to lay out her desk blindfold. Each pen, toy and lucky charm has its "special place", and if she has to leave her desk for a minute she runs through a check routine when she gets back.
When she's away Lee-Ann and Donna cover for her, but they don't touch her desk. Even the Cleaner doesn't touch her desk.

Amy spent the first ten minutes laying out her desk, and the next two hours realigning things as they weren't precisely where they should be. She took ten minutes to pack it up again at the end of the day too, as she had to kiss every lucky charm goodnight and apologise to it for moving it. I just pushed the forms in my new box and put it under the table.

Donna lost a file again today - she'd said "no" when asked if she wanted to save it last night, so it was gone in the morning. When I told her I couldn't get it back she asked me what use was it having me there if I couldn't do a simple thing like that. I nearly said if it's so simple you do it, but I didn't.
I tried to explain but she said she didn't want to know, then went yelling into Andy as she couldn't find AJ. Andy came over and asked me if I was sure I couldn't get it back. I said I was sure. He said OK then, it just showed you couldn't rely on the PC system, and walked off to tell Donna she'd have to type it again.
What can you do?

Amy was printing letters on the small letter printer and had filled the tray up with headed paper, but LeeAnn was standing by it waiting for four pages of a stock list to print off.
When she saw the headed paper going in she pulled it out to try to get it to pick up from the default plain tray instead.
She was too late and a piece of headed went in, overprinted the letter with the first page of the stock list, jammed and ripped. I got all the bits out, restarted the print queue, (which started up where it left off) and told Lee-Ann the first page of her report was gone. Did she want the rest of it? She said no, so I ripped the rest in two and put it in the recycle bin. She came running over and said she was joking and she did want it, so she fished it out to take it back to her desk and sticky-tape the halves together. She shouldn't have said she didn't want it.
I said she'd best reprint it, especially if the first page was gone.
Amy said did her letter print again, and I said no, she'd have to reprint that too. So she did, at the same time Lee-Ann started her report again.
I went over and cancelled Lee-Ann's, stood by the printer until Amy's reprint came through, then told Lee-Ann OK go ahead.

The big printer wasn't working after the lunchbreak again.
Walked over, pulled Mike's mobile charger, plugged the printer back in.

The real plants for AJ's "environmental office" still haven't arrived. Fiona has been told to chase them up.

Andy told me I'd have to find some other way of storing my forms, as the Cleaner might think the packing box was my waste bin. I said it was OK as my waste bin was the packing box in the corner with "waste bin" written on it in black marker, while the packing box with the forms in was under the table behind the chair and didn't have anything written on it - but I'd go down and get a marker from Packing and write "filing cabinet" on it to make sure.
Fiona said I wasn't taking it seriously so I said would she buy me a filing cabinet or a desk with drawers in. She glared at me and walked off so I think that's a no.
The Cleaner doesn't empty my waste bin anyways as it's not a standard waste bin. I fly-tip it into Mike's every lunchbreak.

Amy's getting faster at laying out her desk - it only took five minutes this morning before she was up and running. Her PC immediately panicked and went belly up with a BSOD.

Our biggest customer's complaining about our two-week manufacturing delay, but the main topic of conversation at the staff meeting this morning is what's happening with the milk.
Fiona (with reluctance, as milk 'abuses cows') buys in one lo-fat and one standard daily. AJ, Donna, LeeAnn and James have lo-fat; Andy, Mike and Amy have standard; I take mine black and so does Fiona, who drinks tea or herbal stuff anyways. So why do we run out of standard?
Amy said maybe someone's drinking it, so Donna's watching for milk mustaches.

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