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This last week started so well, then got a little frightening.

No AJ - it's his second week out though, so we're enjoying it while it lasts.

Andy called the morning meeting, and spent about an hour trying to get everyone to say how much better we all were coping without AJ being there. It's true, but nobody wanted to go on record as actually saying it, so we all just skated around it. He seemed happy though.

Shut the system down at 2:00 and ran the last two maintenance packages Guru Bob had sent me that I hadn't gotten around to doing yet. I'd finished by 2:50, so I applied a couple downloaded patches, updated the printer drivers, tidied up the main files on the server, and let them all back on at 3:25.

LeeAnn's last boyfriend is up in court today for his bail to be refused, so she's taking the afternoon off to go see him there.
Donna said wouldn't it be better to wear a nice cheerful color rather than black, and how about yellow so it would be like her saying she'd wait for him. LeeAnn said she's already told him she's not waiting.

Andy's found out we've altered some of his forms.
He went off to try to figure out what we'd done - but if he wants us to back him up when he tells AJ we want to use them, he's going to have to go with the changes.
LeeAnn said it'd be OK as even if he didn't like the changes, he'd back down if we said we did.

The big printer wasn't working after the lunchbreak again.
Walked over, pulled Mike's mobile charger, plugged the printer back in.

I think I could be in deep trouble here.
LeeAnn and I were share-reading the paper at lunchbreak today and we were both laughing at a letter in the Agony column. Donna followed me back over to my office after I'd restarted the printer and hung around the door for a while. When I asked her if there was anything wrong with her PC she said no, she'd just wanted to have a little chat with me.
She said I seemed to get on well with LeeAnn and it was a shame how she couldn't meet any nice boys, wasn't it? I said yes. She said LeeAnn's all on her own, she needs someone to look after, and she's a nice girl - she's got a good salary, she's got a house of her own. She then said you're living on your own too, aren't you - you haven't got someone special to look after you, and don't you feel lonely sometimes?
I panicked and told her I don't drink that much, I haven't got a criminal record, motorbikes scare me, and I wear colors - we're just not suited. She said True Love conquers all, so I said I had to go downstairs and cut and run past her.
I hid out down in Stores for a while but Donna was waiting for me when I gave up and went back in. She came back over and said you young people are so shy, and she'd act as our go-between if I wanted. Then she left me alone, so I could think about LeeAnn as a friend instead of just a work colleague.
I'm going to have to invent someone waiting for me back to home.

Plant report:
All the plants are settling in well and growing like crazy.
^ The big vine-looking Killer Plant's got up to AJ's ceiling.
^ Andy's little green plant's spread out over the top of the pot.
^ All Donna's are growing well. She took Mike's yellow flowers over today - he's only here in the afternoons anyways and she said he didn't appreciate them.
^ Amy's red leaved fountain plant's going to have to learn how to swim as she's watering it too much. It's got a little spike growing in the middle of the leaves now.
^ LeeAnn's stick thing's OK, but it's not moving.
^ All the petals fell off Fiona's purple flowers and the centers went black. The leaves are nice and shiny though.
^ James' pink flowers are fat and fine but his long stringy leaf one went dormant and all the edges of the leaves went brown and paper-thin. Donna took it over to join hers and she's going to try to nurse it back to health.
^ My fern's started to put out little feelers.

Donna said something about how she loved office romances and wouldn't it be romantic to have a wedding in the office. I just hope she hasn't said anything to LeeAnn.

Andy chaired the morning staff meeting, we all took it in turn to say something polite about his forms, and he agreed to all the changes we'd made to them. When he said did we want to carry on using them, we all said yes, as we all know how much it's going to annoy AJ.

After Andy had gone to the afternoon meeting at Head Office, Donna went downstairs to get a file, and while she was away I could hear them all start talking about her and what she'd said yesterday about office romances. LeeAnn said maybe Donna had fallen in love with Andy, but Amy said no, she didn't think so.
Fiona and James were talking about it too, and they both came over to my office, stood in the doorway and asked me who I thought she meant. I couldn't resist it - I said well, you two are nearly always together aren't you. Fiona went apple-red and shot back to her desk and James went and shut himself in his office all the rest of the day.

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