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The Coffee situation got worse this last week, and it wasn't our fault but we all got desperate.

Weekend and vacation Monday:
I went over to Elli's Friday night and Saturday helped tidy and paint out the kitchen of the house she lives in, then sat around waiting for it to dry off. Sunday we went out for a meal and came back to watch a live TV show about Canterbury, but it was cancelled. Elli got real mad about it, as the game it was cancelled to show was rained off and the TV channel showed a couple different programs instead! We went on the show's website and there were a lot of complaints about it.
The show's about archaeology - it's once a year and a live coverage. There was supposed to be an hour more that night and we watched for it, but that was cut back to half an hour instead with no explanation. We went back to the website and there was a lot of comment about that too.
Elli sent off a complaint to the ITC authorities as the channel was just ignoring people. She said it wouldn't do any good, but she wanted to complain about them trying to get out of showing the program by stopping people watching and then saying the viewing figures were down.
There's only four TV channels here in UK and this one was set up to show stuff the other three don't show - but Elli says it's acting just like them now.

Monday I just sat around reading as Elli made me stay out the way while she cooked us a meal. She got to watch the archaeology program that day, but I didn't follow it myself as it was too much information too quick - I'll download and read it from the website instead.

I sorted right through Elli's bookshelves while she was watching the show and borrowed a few to read over the week - she made me promise to bring them back, so I'll be visiting with her again this next weekend.

The drive home in the evening was more British history, starting out in rural then going through closed-up heavy industrial and back out into light industrial, so I was back in work-mode by the time I got there.

LeeAnn came in seven minutes late this morning - wearing a red T-shirt! She spent too long trying to work out whether it looked OK or not and missed her bus.

AJ called us together for the morning meeting today as we weren't there yesterday, and said he'd decided over the weekend to implement a "quantify" policy, where we all have to work out at the end of the day what percentage of time was spent in actual work and what percentage in work-related activities.
We all talked it over during the morning, so just before the lunchbreak I printed off twelve sets of five random figures between 2 and 20%, put them in an envelope and mixed them up, and everyone drew out two. We'll all just use them for the work-related figure and redraw the sets in two weeks time - if the "quantify" policy's still going by then.

LeeAnn followed me downstairs to the stores after the lunchbreak and hung around outside while I tried to work out how to get past her and back upstairs. I got by fast when she stopped to threaten one of the packers who'd said her red T-shirt was nice, but she followed me back up. I shut my office door, but had to open it again by 3:30 as I couldn't breathe any more. She came over at about 4:45 and said she had a problem with her letter file, and would I come over and sort it out. I said I'd do it tomorrow, but I think I'm going to go sick tonight instead.

I came in - figured it was best to get it over with.

Went over to LeeAnn's PC to find out what was wrong with her letter file but she said it was OK now, then she passed me a piece of paper. I went back into my office to read it - she wants me to wait outside for her at lunchbreak.
I went down to find LeeAnn waiting outside - with James, Donna and Amy. They were all going to the nearest McD to buy a large regular coffee apiece, and wanted to know if I'd come too, but they'd had to be careful as they didn't want Fiona or AJ to know.

I always thought McD coffee tasted like chemicals, but actually it isn't too bad, when you get used to it.

The big printer was working fine after the lunchbreak. Mike was out all day visiting a client for coffee.

The five of us snuck out and went back to McD during lunchbreak today.
Fiona said she hasn't had the mood swings we've all had, as she doesn't drink any type of stimulant and so isn't addicted like all of us. We all began working out how to kill her to shut her up.

I spent about ten minutes this afternoon automating my percentage time spent on work-related activity table so I can just print mine out on Friday. I ran it through to see how it'd look, and it looks believable.
I have my own timesheet I keep for system work, so I put the ten minutes down to work-related activity.

Amy panicked before the morning meeting as she'd forgotten to write up her percentage time spent on work-related activity. I did a copy of my table and put her numbers into it, then printed it off for her. The others want me to set theirs up too, so I said OK - if it's still going next week, I'll set them all up.

The morning staff meeting was another waste of time and we all openly went to McD during lunchbreak - we all don't feel guilty about it any more. It just shows cutting back on caffeine makes you shameless.

It looks like Donna's taken another step to pairing me off with LeeAnn - now LeeAnn's wandering around looking odd at everyone. James told me in confidence that Donna's found out LeeAnn's got a secret admirer at work, and everybody's wondering who it is. I think I'm going to have to quit to get out of this.

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