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It was a good week - the coffee situation got much better, and so did everything else.

Stopped by McD's on the way in and ordered two large regular coffees, one to drink there and one to go. I poured it into my regular cup when I got in and hid the carton in Mike's waste bin.

AJ called us together for the morning meeting and said he'd decided over the weekend to implement a "call logging" policy, to get some usage figures for the new automated phone system that won't be put in until next month now. We all have to write down the time and whether it's internal or external.

Spent the rest of the morning on paperwork, and went back to McD with the others for lunchbreak coffee.

All the plants are growing well but there's still no sign of any movement from Andy's. Donna thinks if there is another plant in there it's being stopped from growing by the little green leaves flat on the top. Andy said he doesn't mind, it's very restful. Those leaves aren't restful, they're just too lazy to lift up off the dirt.

Stopped by McD's on the way in and ordered five coffees to go.
LeeAnn, Donna, Amy and I all poured ours into our regular cups but James took his into his office, so we all put our cartons in his waste bin.
Another paperwork morning and back to McD's for lunchbreak coffee.

James asked if anyone could remember whether we'd taken the big vine-looking Killer Plant out of AJ's office before he came back or not. We all thought about it and we're all sure we left it in there, but nobody's heard him say anything about it.
Maybe he hasn't noticed.

LeeAnn was waiting outside to talk to me after work. She said let's go over to the park where it's quiet, I want to ask you a question.
Let's face it - she's bigger and tougher than I am. I went with her like she told me to, even though the reason it's quiet is nobody in their right mind goes in there - especially after dark.

We found a bench and she said it's a bit awkward, but I can talk to you. Donna's told me I've got this secret admirer, and I don't know who it is - have you spotted anyone looking at me like that? You're the only one in there about my age so you'd know.
I said no - maybe Donna's made a mistake anyways. She laughed and said has she tried to fix you up with anyone yet? I didn't know what to say so I said no. She said oh, Donna's tried to fix me up before but he was a wimp like you. I said oh right, but she said sorry I didn't mean it like that.

A couple spikehead teenagers walked past then and looked me over but the way she looked back at them they decided to go find something else to do.

She said look, we get on alright, don't we - will you hang around to see if you can help me spot him. I said of course I will, but maybe it'd be best not to tell anyone as they'll only make a joke of it. She said yes, they'll laugh at me too hanging around with you. I said thanks, and she said sorry again, but you know what I mean - you're not my type, you're too small and too girly. I said oh thanks, thank you so much. She said oh it's OK, you're sweet and lots of people like little blonds. I said yes, mainly guys, and is calling me sweet supposed to make me feel better?

We sat for a while and then she said has no-one ever told you you look like a girl? I said well, I've had it pointed out to me a couple times - all the way through High School and College. She said oh, the girls at my school used to make jokes about me being tall and fat, but they shut up when I started wearing my biker gear in. I said I wouldn't feel right in a ripped Harley T-shirt and combat boots, even though they look real nice on you, LeeAnn. She said yes well you wouldn't look right either, would you?

She said come on, I'll walk you home - so I got out in one piece.

Stopped by McD's on the way in for five coffees to go. The decaf tin is emptying fast - half goes in the waste bin just to get rid of it.

Donna said you're cheerful this morning and did you have a little chat with LeeAnn - she'd noticed we left together last night. I said ask LeeAnn.

I've had fifty-seven external and six internal phone calls so far this week, and I've also found out the figures are going to be even more inaccurate than normal. Amy is logging each call she puts through to any one of us, and of course we all log it too.

McD's for lunchbreak - they even recognise us now.
The big printer was working fine after the lunchbreak. Mike was out visiting for coffee.

Stopped by McD's on the way in for five coffees to go.
Fiona's still whining about the high cost she's having to pay for decaf coffee. I told her the store near me had a special offer on decaf and were selling it for the same price as regular. I said I could buy some tomorrow if she wanted and she said OK, if it was cheaper.
LeeAnn said don't bother - she wasn't going to drink office coffee any more. I said she shouldn't knock it until she'd tried it.

Took a quick look at Amy's call logging sheet - if you take off all those she actually put through to someone else I think she's got an average of about one call a day.

Went to the store on the way in and bought a tin of coffee. The tab they give you just says the brand name. Took the label off the tin and put it in the waste bin outside the store.
Fiona asked why wasn't there a label, so I told her there was a coupon on it and the guy behind me in the queue was collecting them, so I gave it him. She took the tab, said it was the same price as regular coffee, and gave me a form for James to pay me back out of petty cash.

LeeAnn giggled all the way through the morning meeting. She had to get up and go stand outside for a while because she couldn't stop.

Fiona said everyone seemed happier today. I said it's because it's Friday.

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