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We lost AJ for most of the week - so it was a good one.

I've been thinking about Andy's second plant all weekend, and I still don't really know what to do. One things for sure - I can't say what it is as they'll all want to know how I know what one looks like!

AJ called us together for the morning meeting and said he'd decided over the weekend to implement an "accountability" policy, and we all have to work out what jobs are being done around the office and write down who's responsible for them. James pointed out that our job titles are a pretty good indication of what we do, but AJ said no, not proper work jobs - all the other jobs, like who fills the coffee machine, who replaces the printer toner, stuff like that. Apparently we all need to be more dynamic and proactive.

Amy started up a list with us all on honor to put down what we do. I've put myself down for replacing the printer toner, but that's all I'm admitting to until I can find out what he wants the information for.

AJ didn't show up today - Donna got a call from Carly to say he'd phoned in sick. Andy decided he'd take charge, but there wasn't anything to take charge of, so after he'd walked around for a while asking us all what we all were going to do today, he gave up and went back into his office. He went down to see the foreman at about ten, so we all took an early coffee break until he came back up.

Donna said maybe AJ had the flu as it's going around, but LeeAnn said no, it was more likely to be golf or something. I said I didn't think so, as he only played golf with other CEOs and they'd talk if he'd just taken the time off. Nobody knows how long he'll be gone for, so we'll all just have to make the best of it.

This afternoon we all were talking about Andy's second plant again, and Fiona said she doesn't know what it is, but it's probably a weed.
LeeAnn went apple red, so she knows - I caught her eye and she knows I know.

Amy came in first thing to find a folder in her tray this morning with a whole day's typing of letters and memos from AJ, and a note to say he'd want them for Friday. So it looks like he'll be out until Friday.
LeeAnn and Amy had their heads together all morning and broke off every time Donna came too close. It was a little obvious they were planning something Donna's not to know about. LeeAnn waited until she had to go out and told us all that Donna's fifty next Monday - Carly told Amy and she and LeeAnn decided that they had to get a card up together. Donna came back in and we all went quiet, so she guessed we all were in on whatever LeeAnn and Amy were talking about this morning. It's going to be interesting to see how long it takes her to find out what it is.

The big printer wasn't working after the lunchbreak again.
Walked over, pulled Mike's mobile charger, plugged the printer back in.

I've been trying to get to talk to LeeAnn about Andy's second plant, but I think she's avoiding me. Every time I get near her she walks off into the washroom, or says she has to go get a file. The plant's growing really thick and well now, and is bushing out too, and it's gotten so tall that Andy's lifted it off the desk corner and put it on the floor to give it more room.
Donna says the leaves are pretty - like little fans, and they smell nice. I don't like to say anything.
It's doing really well though.

While I'm trying to get to talk to LeeAnn about what she knows about the plant, Donna's just wild to talk to anyone to find out what LeeAnn and Amy are up to. None of us are helping as we all change the subject when she starts hinting. She said to me today that she hates this secretiveness in the office as she never keeps secrets from her friends - she doesn't either as once you've told her, you've told the world.

We all got a shock this morning as AJ was already in when we all arrived.
He said he'd told us all he was taking the week off to put his presentation together for this afternoon's meeting. Nobody remembers him doing so, but that's OK as we all didn't mind. He also told Andy he'd be going with him to Head Office, which was a surprise to Andy too. He and AJ spent all morning in AJ's office with Amy running in and out with photocopying and binding.
I took a quick look at some of the pages when Amy jammed the photocopier and asked me to get them out for her - it's all the stuff he did at the last presentation but with yesterday's date on it. I still don't know why he bothers drawing out the graphs and charts in color as they don't photocopy too good.

AJ said they'd be going at 11:30 so we wouldn't bother with the morning meeting. Donna told us all we wouldn't insist on having it - we'd just have it ourselves after they'd gone.

We all elected Donna chair of the meeting, then talked about what we all were doing this weekend. Everyone had finished up and tidied their workspaces by 4:00 this afternoon too, but, like the good workers we are, we all stayed in the office until the spot of 4:30 - just in case. We all left dead on time though.

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