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A bad week this week, what with AJ and the technophobia I hadn't noticed.

AJ called us together for the morning meeting and said he'd decided over the weekend to implement an "email" policy. He said now we had email we all should use it more often. I said we all are, but it turns out I'm the only one who is.
Everyone else said they're not using it at all as they're having problems, so I'm to go through it with everyone and get them all using email.

Spoke to Guru Bob about the email situation and asked him why the two servers weren't interconnected. He said they were but when I said no, they're not he said he'd find out and get back to me

The email situation I thought was in hand definately isn't - it's my own fault as I should have realized that even though normally you can rely on them all screaming for immediate help if the slightest thing goes wrong, this time nobody did.

Amy has received three emails. The first one she got was the welcome one, the second my test one. She'd sent replies to both my test one and the welcome one, and so the third email she'd got was a systems message to say the reply to the welcome one was undeliverable.
Donna has the welcome email (unopened) and my test one (read), and has sent two - one to me and one to LeeAnn.
LeeAnn has the welcome one and Donna's and my test ones to her, all three read but still in her inbox. She's sent one - the test one back to me.
Fiona has none, as she'd deleted the welcome message and the test one I sent her, unopened.
James has the welcome one, my test one, and one from Head Office, all three read but only my test one replied to.
Andy has four, the welcome one (read) and my test one (read and replied to) and two from Head Office (unopened)
Mike is supposed to be using dial-up, but doesn't seem to be connected at all. I set it up to test it but found he'd forgotten to bring in the modem connection lead. He said he'd bring it in later, so I said we'd test it when he did.

I've arranged with each one to spend a little time going through emails and how to send them during the next two-three weeks.

AJ came in about the database list of clients Mike had gotten hold of that I matched up to our invoice records, as he wants to link it in to even more information. I said OK I'd work on it, and he said it wasn't a priority. He then came back in about five minutes later and asked me if I'd started on it yet, as although it wasn't a priority as such, he did want it as soon as I could get it done.

LeeAnn came in 7 minutes late - her bus missed the stop and she had to get off at the next one and walk back.

Spent an hour with James playing about with the email, and finally he agreed on the format of the reply to the Head Office request for information he hadn't replied to. He asked me if we could backdate it as it looked bad him replying so late, but I said no not really, so he put in a paragraph saying it wasn't his fault and he'd been waiting for the information.

The big printer wasn't working after the lunchbreak again.
Walked over, pulled Mike's mobile charger, plugged the printer back in.

LeeAnn's got the idea of email now - she sent me seventeen this afternoon. Amy said she's not happy with it as she knows she'll just make mistakes, and Donna said she doesn't want to use it either. I told them both it's great as you can talk to people without everyone listening in, so Donna changed her mind and I'm going to go through it with her again tomorrow.

Spent most of the day on the database list of clients, with AJ coming in three times to see how I was getting on and to say it wasn't priority.

Fiona got mad at the people who sent the Mozart on-hold phone music this morning, as they implied we'd deliberately damaged the tape. She told them it was their shoddy construction and they finally gave in and said they'd get another to us.

James has got the email bug now, but unfortunately he's gone from overcautious polishing and repolishing to pressing send before he's finished. Donna's happier too, but I think Amy's going to be more difficult to deal with.

Had AJ in again to say the database list of clients wasn't a priority, but hadn't I finished it yet? I finally said when did he want it for, and he gave in and told me he'd promised it for tomorrow, so he supposed it was priority really, and could I stay on tonight and finish it. I lied and said sorry, no, so he said he'd already told his Boss it was nearly done, and he needed me to finish it and check it so he could take it in tomorrow. I said I'd try to.

AJ said I didn't need to come to the morning meeting as I needed to finish off the database list of clients, and he came in five times between ten and twelve to see if I'd finished it yet. So as soon as I'd finished it, given it to him and he'd gone to the Head Office meeting I took the Mozart tape off the automated phone system and put Vengaboys on instead to cheer me up, and put my phone on on-hold and hands-free too until James came out and complained.
Donna and Amy said oh OK, but it was a bit more cheerful, and LeeAnn said even though the Vengaboys were rubbish they were better than the Mozart.
Fiona said you shouldn't have done that but I said I didn't care if she told him. She went red as an apple and said of course she wouldn't tell him.

I put the Mozart back on after about half an hour, as they were getting on my nerves too.

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