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Donna found another of AJ's sensitive spots this week - it's one James, Mike and I've got too though.

AJ called us together for the morning meeting and said he'd decided over the weekend to implement a "mentoring" policy. Nobody at all went in to see him last week following the "open door" policy, and he said he'd realized this was probably because we were too shy to be seen going to him to discuss our personal problems. He was surprised nobody came out to see him on Saturday though, but it was lucky we hadn't because he'd forgotten he wasn't going to be home this weekend after all.
So he's going to make an appointment with each of us to go in to see him during this coming week instead so we can talk through anything worrying us that his expertise will be able to sort out for us, and Amy's to set up appointments for us all.
We all waited until he'd gone and Donna said she wasn't going to. James said he wouldn't either, but LeeAnn said she'd do it as her mom had two old men both chasing her at the moment and her mom'd said she didn't understand as she was too young. So she'd go in and ask AJ about it as he'd be able to tell her what an old man would think.

Mike said in that case he'd go in and ask AJ what he thought he should do about a rival firm who'd offered him a job with them last week, and whether he should take it or not. I said I could tell him now - he should take it. Mike said yes, if he had in fact been offered a job with our rivals, but he hadn't.
James said be careful as he might say go then, but Mike said if he did he'd have to tell Head Office he'd lost his salesman and he'd have all the bother of getting another, so he wouldn't. It would give him something to worry about anyways.

We all agreed to get a personal problem or two up together, and go in and see what AJ came up with. Donna said if anyone didn't have a problem to come to her and she'd work one out, and Amy set up a schedule. I've got the last slot - Thursday from three to four.

I spent about two hours with Amy this morning going through the Internet browser basics with her. The first thing I did was wipe all the default bookmarks as I was pretty sure it'd only confuse her. We started off typing in a couple known web sites, which was OK. Then I showed her how to use the Search function, but she said she'd probably not use that a great deal, and if she did would I stay with her while she used it? I said sure I would.

We went back using the navigation keys and I showed her how to update and save as a bookmark, and she seemed OK still, but then I made a mistake and let her start to type in an address we'd already used. It came up with a prompt box with the rest of the address in there, of course, and she started to have hysterics.

I shut down the connection and finally Donna got her calm enough for her to tell me she didn't want to use it ever again. I said it was just being helpul by prompting you as you'd been there before, and she said yes, that's why. It knew she'd been there as it's intelligent and it's spying on her.
I said no, it's just like when you're spelling a word you've used before and it prompts you with that, doesn't it. This is the same. She said yes, they were all spying on her.

I said OK, it's alright. Whenever AJ asks you to get something off the net, call me over and I'll stay with you until you're feeling happier with it. She said oh yes, she would.
Sometimes I just give up in advance - it's much easier that way.

Donna went in to see AJ with her personal problem at nine this morning, and he came out looking a little wild-eyed after about ten minutes and said he wasn't feeling too well, he was going home and probably wouldn't be back in today. He looked real pale too.
We all waited to see what Donna would say, but she didn't come out. LeeAnn went in after her about ten minutes later, and she and Donna came out grinning. Donna said she'd only just started when he'd said excuse me just a minute and went out, so she'd been waiting as she thought he'd be coming back.
James said what did you say to him? and she said she'd asked him whether he thought she should have a hysterectomy or HRT, and had only just started on the clinical details when he said excuse me.
Mike said OK, that's enough or I'll go too, and James ran back into his office and closed the door. I said that was cruel so she said do you want to hear about it then? I said no way, and went in and shut my door too for about an hour, until I just had to open it again to breathe.

The replacement part for the big printer came in today, so I called the help line to arrange for the engineer to come in and fit it. They said it'd be some time the week after next as he was on vacation. I said what? so they said he'd had several days leave left and had to use them up before Christmas, so he'd taken this week and next week off and he'd be back in some time the week after next. I said when then? and they said they didn't know, but they'd record that I'd called and he'd call me when he came back in.
I said how about the "within three days" service agreement and they said yes, how about it? If I read the small print I'd see that it was "within three days of reporting the fault, subject to an engineer being available", and the engineer would call me when he was available again, which would be when he came back in.

I went into Andy, as AJ wasn't there, and told him what had happened and about how they were ignoring the service agreement. He just said oh well, tell everyone to use the little printer for now, and talk to AJ about it in the morning.

AJ came in this morning and said he'd be working in his office all day and didn't want to be disturbed. I was supposed to go in to see him at three with my personal problem, but I didn't. After he ran out on Donna yesterday, I don't think he's ready for me.

Mark rang me up today and said Guru Bob's out for the rest of the day, and how about a little match this lunchbreak? I told one of the guys in the office here you could wipe the floor with him and he says "give it your best shot" I said how good is he? and Mark said pretty good, how about it?
I let him persuade me and, after we'd determined that AJ wasn't coming out and nobody was wandering around in their office, I finally crushed their guy about three-thirty. The rematch is at lunchbreak tomorrow.

Donna came round this afternoon to say how about us all going out for a Christmas lunch?
She said she could get us a table on the 20th if enough people were interested, and, although we'd have to ask AJ, she'd checked with Carly and Head Office were having theirs on the 20th so maybe he'd go to that one instead. We all said in that case yes, and Fiona said as long as there was something other than turkey. LeeAnn said yes, there'd be sprouts.

AJ said at the morning meeting how the "mentoring" policy had unfortunately had to be abandoned due to pressure of work. He'd seen Mike, Fiona, LeeAnn, Amy and Donna, and would arrange to see James and me when his workload slackened off enough to allow him to give us the individual attention we needed. James said oh that's a shame, and I said I was looking forward to it. AJ said he was looking forward to it too, but it didn't look like it to me.

We had the rematch over the lunchbreak but had to end it at two in a draw. After AJ'd gone to Head Office for the afternoon meeting and Guru Bob had gone out too, Mark phoned through and we arranged another linkup for the end of next week.

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