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We had the whole week off, so I spent it at Elli's doing not very much at all.

Christmas week:
Rang up Elli Saturday morning and got a list of things to get, so I did some shopping on the way down. Sunday we got everything ready so there wasn't much to do and everyone could just help themselves.

Got up late on Christmas day and opened things, ate, slept, watched TV, ate more, more TV and videos, then crawled back into bed. I do seem to recall there was alcohol involved too, but it can't have been that much as I don't remember it.

We didn't do much at all Tuesday, but Wednesday Elli came in and woke me about ten, and said she wanted to go to the sales. I said count me out - I don't want anything, and if I go into a sale I'll come out with something just because it's at sale price. She said that's the whole point - I want a couple things and you know I don't like shopping, but if I go and they're reduced I'll buy them.
I went with her in the end - she dropped me off in a bookstore and said I'll meet you later, so I spent a little more than I'd intended but got a calendar I'd been looking for and a couple books to take home.
We met back up and she called in on and introduced me to some of her friends, then we went back to the house for the evening. Nobody else was in when we got back so Elli and I sat around with the TV on for a while (but mainly reading and talking), and she said how about going to Wales tomorrow, so I said OK. I'd not been in Wales but I'd heard about it.

So we were going to Wales on Thursday, but when I woke I thought I'd slept in again as it seemed much lighter than it should have been. When I looked out I found out why - it'd snowed in the night!
It was set all over, to an average of about 4cm deep, and very cold out. The snow crust was set firm already, so we had a quick snowfight and Elli said forget Wales - it'll freeze hard tonight and the roads'll be icy too, so we don't want to come back in the dark. We'll go walk over the common instead.
We walked along the road, out over some fields, and then up onto the top above the valley she lives in. Elli said it's common land left over from the farms and it's never been enclosed, so we can walk anywheres on it. There were a few others up there but the wind was brisk enough that it wasn't crowded. We walked across to the road and then down over to the ridge above the main town. There were more people there as it's a good area for sledging, but it was a little crowded so we walked further along.
Elli pointed and said there's an icecream parlour over there, so I said no way, it wouldn't be open anyways. She said maybe it will, there's some people who go swimming on Boxing Day even if they have to break the ice to go in.
There wasn't anyone eating icecream though, so we walked back and down to the house.

Didn't do much Friday either, so I was going to go home. She said why not wait and go on Monday, so I said OK. There's no need for me to go back earlier, as it won't take long to get ready for work.
The only problem was she let me raid her bookshelf and I started reading some books she'd told me about, so I didn't go to bed until about five Saturday morning.

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