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Still no leprechaun - if I didn't know better I'd swear they don't exist.

Nobody caught sight of any leprechauns over the weekend. It's always the same - you see them everywheres until you actually want to get hold of one, and then they all disappear.

AJ called us together for the morning meeting and said he'd decided over the weekend to implement a "practical assistance" policy, to follow on from last week's "facilitation" policy. He wants us all to document any incidences of assistance we all give to or receive from any work colleague for the next two weeks, so we all can see how much assistance we all give to each other.

Donna said she wouldn't have time to do anything like that while Amy was away, because she'd be too busy covering Amy's work, and we all agreed with her. AJ said at first it wouldn't take anybody that long to do it, but we all just looked at him until he gave up and said OK, just do it if you have time to.
After he'd wandered off back in his office we all agreed nobody's going to have time to.

James said and the best thing about it is I'm off next week, LeeAnn's off once Amy comes back, and then Donna's off - so we can say nobody's got time until mid-September!
Fiona said you mean until the end of September - I'm off once Donna gets back.
Donna said you mean until mid-October - Carly told me AJ's rented out the Head Office MD's villa in Greece again this year, for the first two weeks after the MD comes back himself - so that's the first two weeks of October.
It's going to be a good summer.

The backup didn't complete properly last night and the server was calling for attention. Donna and James were already in before me but I didn't know there was a problem until I heard the beeping coming from my office, as neither of them had switched on their PCs yet so they hadn't noticed. I said about the beeping and Donna said oh yes, it'd been doing that ever since she'd come in, but she didn't know how to switch it off so she'd left it to beep.
I came back out and told them both I was going to have to do a manual backup and please not to go in to the system just yet, and tell anyone else who turned up not to either.

The backup failed as it's to tape, and the tape ran out. There's a lot of junk and multiple copies of files on the server, the drive's nearly full, and I guess I'm going to have to clean it out and archive any stuff we all don't need. I called up Guru Bob and he said archive off anything over a year old, so that's what I'll do.

AJ put his head around the door and said what's wrong with the computers this time, then? I said there's too much stored on the server and people aren't deleting files they don't need any more. I spoke to Guru Bob and he said for me to archive off anything that hasn't been used for at least a year, so that's what I'll do this afternoon.
AJ said you can't do that! we have to keep everything for seven years - it's the law. I said we'll all still have it, it'll just be stored away. He said oh, OK then - go ahead.

I got the system back up and running for everyone, then about half four I set an archive tape up and waited.
Everyone slows and stops at about a quarter to five, so as soon as they all started switching off their PCs ready to go home I went through the server and archived off any file that hadn't been accessed since this time last year. There's a lot come off, but it's still reall full - I'll just have to see if it's OK tomorrow.

The backup worked OK last night, so that's all right. The drive's still real full though, so I'll have to go through it and look for damaged or duplicate files at some point - that should get us some room.

Still no luck with getting hold of a leprechaun though. Mike heard there was one in a charity shop near here so he went racing over, but they hadn't got one after all. He was real disappointed.
The woman in charge tried to sell him some shamrock in a glass paperweight instead, saying that was just as good. He told us all he'd been tempted, but he'd decided not to risk it in case Amy noticed.

The big printer wasn't working after the lunchbreak again.
Walked over, pulled Mike's mobile charger, threatened him with LeeAnn, and plugged the printer back in. He was still feeling reckless from refusing to buy the shamrock this morning, so he said go ahead I don't care.

Fiona came to me today to say there's some spreadsheets she'd been using only a couple days ago and they've disappeared. I said I'd have a look at it and try to find them, then checked the archive tape. They were on it, as she hadn't accessed them since March 2000.
I put them back OK, and just as I was going to tell her they were back OK she came over to tell me it's all right, I don't have to do anything - they've just come back all on their own. I said good, and left it at that.

Donna had a false alarm this last evening. Carly came by after work to take her over to visit with a friend and, on the way back, they slowed to turn as they passed a lighted shop window - and Donna thought she saw a leprechaun sitting there. She yelled at Carly to stop, jumped out, and rushed back to see - but it wasn't a leprechaun at all, it was a frog.
Carly was asking her what is it? what's wrong? so Donna told her what'd happened. Carly's going to watch out as well now.

AJ said at the morning meeting it was a shame we all couldn't implement his "practical assistance" policy. We all said yes, it was a shame, but we were all too busy helping cover for Amy.

He came around to check up on everyone just before he went to the afternoon meeting at Head Office, and I said I'd be going through the server next week looking for any oversize files. He said OK, and make sure nobody's storing any really big files on the system either - and while I was doing that to watch out and make sure we hadn't got any software on our system.
I said what? He said one of the other CEO's admitted last week that people at the site he was managing had put illegal software on to their system, so I'd best check and make sure we hadn't got any software here at all, in case it was illegal too.
I said OK, I'd look out for any software, and I'd look out for any real big files too. He said good, and went.

We all have four more days to find a leprechaun, or Mike confesses and we all get to watch Amy have hysterics.

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