What is PlayPen Office?


I needed to talk to someone about what I was going through at work.
I've lurked around the edges of ATSR (too scared to post), gone to BOFHcam from time to time, and found lots of comic strips to read and enjoy. But as I don't draw myself and prefer to use words anyways, I was really looking for text-based sites.

I ended up writing it all out and emailing it to Elli at the end of the day. She said I should get my own site up together and post it.

- - -

The Founding :

^ June 22 - Elli bought me this domain name (early Christmas present!)
^ July 01  - got the paperwork for it
^ July 08  - bought a "teach yourself HTML" book
^ July 16 - founded the PlayPenOffice as my on-line diary -
so I can come home, shut the door, and calm myself down by turning it all into innocent and deniable FICTION and posting it all up.

I'm not fussed if anyone reads it or not, at least I'm not storing it up any more. It's this or therapy - and this's cheaper.

However, in case anyone does read it …
although it's not much of a job, it's still the only one I've got right now - until Elli gets that fire she's lit under my butt hot enough and I get myself together and go get a better one. So I've done just a tiny bit of editing - please read the disclaimer to find out how much.
email me on : founder@playpenoffice.com


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