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The Great Coffee Saga begins: AJ's back.

I rang Elli Sunday night and told her about Donna's idea of pairing me off with LeeAnn. After she stopped laughing she said I should tell her that back to home where we come from you're supposed to marry your cousin, so I can't marry LeeAnn as she's no relation. She said tell Donna I was only marrying my cousin as there weren't any sisters or nieces available - that should put her off. She said make the stories work for you.
I said if Donna cornered me again I would. I also reminded her she's the only cousin I have anything to do with and she said I could forget it.

AJ called us together for our morning meeting and said how much he'd enjoyed his holiday and he'd come back "refreshed for the great year ahead of us." He wanted to know why the postcard he sent us wasn't up on the notice board. We all said we hadn't got his postcard.
He then told us he'd decided to implement a switch to decaf coffee.
He'd read something on the flight that said caffeine was injurious to health, so he's decided to "protect" us by switching from regular to decaf as the article said that didn't have caffeine in it. He told Fiona to buy in only decaf from now on.

Fiona's real pleased, she's been telling people coffee's dangerous for a while now. I'll start drinking Cola.

Fiona got a real shock today - she hadn't realized decaf cost so much more than regular. She had to have a strong black tea to get over it.

Donna called me over to sit next her in the break room at lunchbreak today, and I nearly did, but saw she'd arranged it so LeeAnn would be on my other side. I said I'd like to, but I was going to be doing some maintenance work while they were all away from their PCs, so I went and shut myself up in my office instead and played solitaire all lunchbreak.

AJ came into my office after the lunchbreak and tried to get me to say I didn't want to use Andy's new forms. I said they'd just replaced the forms I did for my own records - maybe the others don't like them, but I think from his expression I was the last one he asked.
He won't say he doesn't want us to use them, he wants one of us to say it - but we're not going to. The forms are pretty good, especially after I took out the bits we all didn't want, and Andy got the Big Boss to OK them last Friday too. AJ just hates anything on paper as it can be used as proof later.

Amy made some comments about young people of today not understanding what their heart's telling them, and the way she leered and sighed at me it's obvious Donna's told her about this wierd idea of getting me and LeeAnn paired off. I don't know who else she's told but as long as nobody tells LeeAnn. I'm not interested in starting another relationship as I'm still not over what happened with my last girlfriend yet - I think she put me off for life.

The big printer wasn't working after the lunchbreak again.
Walked over, pulled Mike's mobile charger, plugged the printer back in.

Donna "just happened" to be in the right place to overhear AJ tell Andy that nobody likes using the forms, as they're not flexible enough. Andy said he was surprised as they'd been altered to fit our needs (he didn't say by who) and the Big Boss had said they were OK. AJ promptly changed tune and said yes, and Andy would have to make sure we all used them, even if we all didn't like them.
So it looks like we'll be keeping the forms.

LeeAnn said she could get us some keep-you-awake caffeine pills, but I'm not so sure that's all they'd be so I said no thanks, I'd stick with drinking Cola.

The more people Donna tells about this wierd romance idea, the more likely it is to get back to LeeAnn. I don't know what she'll say when she finds out what they're saying, but I think it's going to end up with either her beating my head in herself or her getting one of her biker friends to beat my head in for her. That's unless she goes mad and thinks it's a good idea too.
Don't get me wrong - we get on OK, but the only thing we have in common is we both work here, and there's no way I'll get involved with anyone I work with.

Andy couldn't open a file he wanted so he called me in. He was selecting it from his last-used list as he was working with it yesterday, but now it's gone.
I noted it was on a server drive and then checked his connection, only to find he wasn't signed into the network. I pointed this out and he told me he'd had an error message earlier saying he couldn't print, but hadn't bothered with it as he didn't need to print just yet.

Friday's always a good day, but this one's better than most. This next Monday's a Bank Holiday here - and that means a paid vacation!

Amy said she's changed her morning routine and is now getting up ten minutes earlier to drink at least one cup of coffee before she comes into work. I said she must be desperate. I'm just barely getting by on a 2 liter bottle of Cola a day.
Mike announced at the morning meeting that he's rearranging appointments so he'll be out most afternoons from now on. He told us afterwards he nearly always gets coffee when he visits people, or he can get one from a service station.

Donna came over after AJ had gone to the afternoon meeting at Head Office and wanted to know what I was doing on the Monday, as there was a motorbike rally some of them were going to and would I like to come too. I said no sorry, I was going over to my cousin Elli's for the long weekend.
After she'd gone I rang Elli and said can I visit with you this weekend and she said she was going to ring me that evening to see if I wanted to - so that's OK.

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